Aged Care Hero: Kris Monopolis, Ultimate Care Kensington Court Village, Nelson

aged care hero

“Kris Monopolis has only been at Ultimate Care Kensington Court Village since November 2020 but he is already a hit with the residents and staff,” said Debbie Gada, Facility Manager.

“Kris is so approachable and goes the extra mile to accommodate not only the needs of residents but also the needs of the facility.  He has a gentle nature with a great sense of humour, he also possesses great problem-solving skills to come up with innovative ideas to resolve an issue”.

Kris said “I really enjoy the interaction with the residents and ensuring that they are safe and as happy and comfortable as they can be and fixing things for people is very satisfying to me!  Making a difference between staff and residents is something that I really believe in.  I am always striving to ensure that everyone is safe and that the facility is running as smoothly as possible”.

Prior to starting at Kensington Court Village Kris was an account manager within the building sector, he has also worked in joinery and building and maintenance for retirement villages in Australia.  Another large part of Kris’ life is his involvement with Search and Rescue (SARS).  When required, Kris is a team leader for SARS and is often involved in tracking and finding missing people in the outdoors and returning them safely home.

"He transfers his skills of not getting flustered or stressed in situations to Kensington Court Village, he always brings a calm approach to all that he does," said Debbie.

Here are a few things about working at Kensington Court that Kris has learnt along the way.

“Firstly, that staff do this job because they genuinely care for their residents.  That every resident has a story to their life and taking a minute to stop and listen to their stories can be very rewarding.  Also, safety and dignity mean a lot”.

Lastly, said Kris “I love elderly people that I interact with on a daily basis and like to think that each I make a positive difference”.