Smart Face Mask Option For Better Confidence and Wearability

smartfabric facemasks are a New Zealand company with strong values of equity and inclusion that is focused on delivering trustworthy and fully guaranteed innovation solutions and smart thinking based on years of delivering quality and value.

Over its 27-year history of providing products and services to the clothing and fashion industry, it has prided itself on delivering innovative industry solutions. smartfabric organisational values are service, sustainable futures, gender equality and fairness.  Its inspiration is knowing its face masks and technologies offer genuine protection against some of the harmful effects we face today.

Through research, the smartfabric face masks design has resulted in a mask shape and size options to fit every face securely with adjustment, delivering the utmost comfort and protection. The distinctive shape (parrot) means comfort, ease of use (talking, breathing), protection through extended particle capture and filter options, that results in superior lifestyle performance for multiple use.

“We searched around the world to get the very best ideas and put these into our five different models (live, work, biz, study and staysmart options) and fit/safety options to suit the broad range of Kiwi lifestyle needs, whether at work, in life or play,” said Business owner Simon Wall.

smartfabric face masks’ standard, fully machine washable outer woven cover and lining uses smart science to deliver safety, capturing PM2.5 particles, offering > 75% virus and anti-bacterial qualities help to reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu.  Couple this with the re-useable SILVERGUARD filters and/or a SILVERGUARD sanitising storage pouch - which destroys 100% of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses, hence providing the confidence and protection when needed.

Whether for personal use or larger custom branded design orders with significant discounts offered, you can view products and features at or contact directly at

NOTE: smartfabric masks are NOT medical devices and are not guaranteed to prevent virus transmission.  Masks should be worn in conjunction with applicable safe distancing and regular hand washing measures.  When using a mask avoid touching your face with your hands. * Branded mask image is a ‘mock-up only’ and the logo’s shown are the property of the registered owner.