NZACA Trade Exhibiton: If they say you can’t, we’ll show you how you can!


If they say you can’t, we’ll show you how you can!

Tellen is a leading specialist in radio and wireless technology and communication systems and has maintained a fruitful and reliable relationship with health care clients.

They have also taken Paging Technology into other industries. Companies such as Fonterra, Honeywell, Power Utilities, Water Utilities, Gen-I and NZ Corrections, to name a few, are key clients of Tellen Systems.

Tellen is proud to hold the leading technology brands and methods at their fingertips. Currently, working alongside the leading forces in Hospitality and Wellbeing, Security and Safety.

As the face and support of Girbau technology-driven laundry equipment which is rated globally amongst the top three manufacturers, these diverse offerings fuse with the smartness that drives these machines.

When you are looking for:

Radio and Wireless Communication Systems and Solutions

Nurse Call Solutions

GPS Technology and Satellite Solutions
Asset Management Solutions
RFID Solutions
Mobile Messaging and Duress Infrastructure Solutions

Call Tellen.

At Tellen the motto is “If they say you can’t, we’ll show you how you can!”.

Contact: Director: Malcolm Briggs

M: 027 486 3548

General Manager: Shane Rogers

M: 021 77 37 55