NZACA Trade Exhibition: Clinisan Antimicrobial Tech

Worchem is New Zealand’s first and only company dedicated to supplying disinfectant tablets. With a mission to streamline access to top-quality antimicrobial technology to all New Zealand businesses, making the country safer, healthier and more productive.

The main product Clinisan is a tablet form of disinfectant.  Clinisan disinfectant tablets are designed for hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes and villages and other clinics.

It is resistant against inactivation by inorganic matters, therefore strongly recommended for the treatment of blood and body fluid spills. As it is in tablet form, this allows easy, safe and accurate dilution, while also reducing the risk of spilling and splashing of dangerous chemicals.

Based in the Waikato, Worchem is proud to be 100% New Zealand-owned and operated by Chemical Engineer, Mitchell Graham.


Mitchell Graham

M: 0276352103