Reflecting the Interests of the Residents

aged care hero

Our newest aged care hero is the lovely Trish Tilbury from Summerset by the Ranges in Levin. Tilbury works primarily in the Memory Care Centre within the retirement village, which is designed for those who live with dementia.

Tilbury is a Diversional Therapist, designing and implementing activity programmes that enhance the wellbeing of Summerset’s residents.

Each month, she designs and organises activities that are focused on challenging the physical and cognitive abilities of the residents, while supporting their individual, spiritual and cultural needs.

Along with this, Tilbury is very involved in building relationships with both the residents at Summerset, as well as the resident’s families. Whether you are a resident or a friend or family member of a resident, Tilbury and her team strive to provide the best all-round care for everyone.

“It’s not about cramming as many activities as possible into a day but trying to reflect the interests that residents have,” said Tilbury.

“We encourage family members to share in lunchtime meals, and family BBQ’s over the summer months. These are extremely popular and hugely supported by the care staff.”

Prior to her role at Summerset, Tilbury had the unique opportunity to have her mother living with her who had Alzheimer’s. Tilbury had first first-hand experience with Alzheimer’s through her mother.

“This experience prompted me to apply for the role of Diversional Therapist when one was available.”

Every day is different; it can be equally challenging and rewarding at the same time.

“In a day, you can feel a full range of emotions, from sadness to incredible joy!”

Tilbury is grateful for the help of her team. She would have found it hard to succeed in her role if she did not have the support of her fantastic team.

“When I first started in this role, the staff in the Memory Care Centre helped me find my feet and encouraged my efforts. Their critique helped me develop my own style.”

She feels extremely privileged to be a part of such an excellent team at Summerset and to be able to be an impactful part of the lives of these incredible residents.