COVID-19 Changes Uniform Sector


It’s inevitable - COVID-19 has changed the uniform sector for good.

In their 30 years of experience, there has never been such an upward increase in uniform allocations as hygiene becomes an increased focus for the sector.

Uniform managers are becoming more aware of the importance of a regular rotation of clean uniforms for infection control and choosing garments that can be washed daily and, in some cases, sterilised at high temperatures. Aged Care facilities that are increasing their clothing allowance for staff show they are doing the most to care for their staff and the vulnerable communities they serve.

As well as scrubs, Arrow is seeing more demand for high-quality reusable gowns and facemasks instead of disposable. Arrow is proud to be creating garments that support this industry change and ensure the health of the environment is as important, in the long term, as the health of our people.

This change to reusable will be long-lasting – these garments last the distance and are far improved from their scratchy and unbreathable counterparts, as well as being better for the environment.

To respond to the demand, they’ve topped up our wide range of stock including Cherokee and City Collection scrubs and increased their productivity at their local New Zealand factories to produce our best-in-class range of reusable gowns, scrubs and masks. To reduce the impact felt by our local economy, Arrow is producing much of their local range right here - to be Well Made in New Zealand.

COVID-19 has disrupted global supply chains – highlighting the importance of a diverse network of clothing manufacturers and suppliers. Arrow is proud to support a wide and varied range of products from hospitality and kitchen staff to the healthcare sector despite these pressures.

If you’re interested in talking about these new changes and how they can help your aged care facility respond in the best interest of your staff and management, Arrow can help. Arrow can offer a broad off-the-shelf range to custom design and management solutions to help you get the best value from your uniform spend. “Let’s chat about the unique demands of the Aged Care sector and help you to decide what fabrics and designs will work the best for you and your staff.” Call today on 04 589 5888. Arrow Uniforms is New Zealand’s leading Aged Care uniform provider, supplying many DHBs and other leading healthcare and corporate brands.