SuperGold Card Safe Under National

supergold card safe under National

Under a National Government, the SuperGold card will not only be safe but will be enhanced.

Judith Collins made the announcement on International Older Persons Day, saying National was making a "commitment to New Zealand Senior citizens".

“National will direct the Office of Seniors to negotiate enhanced SuperGold card discounts for vision, dental and hearing aids.

“As well as our commitment to the SuperGold Card, National’s tax cuts will deliver an extra $1000 for couples receiving the National Super. We will also maintain the Winter Energy Payment."

“Seniors have been hit hard by COVID-19, those living in retirement villages have been cut off from families and friends through multiple lockdowns. National will deliver a stronger and smarter border with our Border Protection Agency, which lessens the likelihood of subsequent lockdowns," Collins said.

“The Winter Energy Payment and the SuperGold Card also remains safe under a National Government, making New Zealand a better place for our ageing population.

“The SuperGold card provides discounts for seniors to enjoy restaurants and cafes across the country. Coupled with our tax stimulus, we will encourage people to get out and support the hospitality sector to recover from the economic crisis.

Collins also took a swipe at Labour for phasing out chequebooks, which are still used by many senior citizens who are not tech-savvy.

Labour has dragged their feet on enhancements to the SuperGold Card. They haven’t released any policy and have yet to give a firm commitment to retaining the SuperGold card.

Judith Collins promises to enhance SuperGold Card