Under-investment in Health Research Shows

“When it comes to health research policies Labour, National and Greens scrape in with pass marks, while New Zealand First and ACT are given a D and D minus” says New Zealanders for Health Research (NZHR) Chief Executive Chris Higgins.

“NZHR has written to all current parliamentary parties seeking their health research policies in the run up to the October general election, highlighting both the current level of government underinvestment in health research and the absence of any recommendations in the Health and Disability System Review report for embedding health research as an essential component of the health system” said Higgins

“We’ve looked at each party’s responses, their current policies and track record to come up with a report card, and frankly we’re disappointed with the results. Labour, National and the Greens are putting in a little bit of effort but could do a lot better, while New Zealand First and ACT are not even bothering to try.”

“We’ll be letting voters know the results of our analysis. Given that according to NZHR polling 35 percent said that they would be more likely to vote for a party which promised to increase the government’s health research budget, we think that they’ll be similarly unimpressed” said Higgins.

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