Synchronised Action with Easy Access Bed

easy access bed for seniors

The Easy Access Bed (EAB) is a power-assisted bed that turns into a chair for the purpose of assisting a person into and out of bed with minimal effort. Ideal for rest-homes, this power-driven integration of comfort chair, recliner and lifter converts to a full-function, adjustable profiling bed with a superior flat sleeping surface – all at the touch of a button.

With only two buttons on the handset, the Easy Access Bed is extremely easy to use. By simply pushing and holding down one button the synchronised action will automatically make the Easy Access Bed go from a chair to a bed. There is one button for down (chair to a bed) and one for up (bed to a chair).

It's simple to stop the action at any stage by releasing the finger pressure on the button to achieve a variety of seated chair positions giving greater physical relief for the resident. Comfortable laying positions can also be attained by partly elevating the backrest to alleviate breathing problems and elevating the legs to help with aches and pains. The seat also has a lifting function that can assist from a seated position to a standing position.