Two Delicious New Digestive Health-focused Grain-olas

granolas puredelish

Pure delish is excited to introduce their two delicious new digestive health-focused grain-ola’s, Kiwifruit Crunch Grain-ola and Black Doris Plum Grain-ola.  Good digestive health is important, as 70% of our immune system lives in our guts.  As we age so do our gut microbes, when we are younger we have healthier microbes, as we get older our microbes age too and we can end up with more inflammatory microbes.  These older microbiomes are not as good at processing fibres and short-chain fatty acids (which are the main component of a healthy gut). Because your body needs nutrients from what you eat, to work properly and stay healthy. Your digestive system breaks the down nutrition from the food you eat into parts small enough for your body to absorb and use for energy, growth and cell repair.

Having a healthy digestive system promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut.  Good bacteria can help soothe inflammation or discomfort caused by allergies, medications and other day-to-day stresses on your body.  pure delish’s two new digestive health cereals offer plant-based calcium, fibre and pre and probiotics to help support your digestive enzymes and overall digestive health.

In addition to the digestive health cereals, pure delish have also released two high protein and two low carb granola’s in delicious flavours like ‘peach, pecan & vanilla’, ‘wild berry & hemp’ and ‘pineapple & macadamia’.  All six new granolas are gluten, dairy and egg-free along with being packed full of nutrient-dense nuts and seeds.  Best served with a dollop of thick creamy yoghurt, pure delish are sure the new range will be popular with consumers.  For more information on the new range, please visit or contact pure delish on 09 5745701, email: