Organic Week Aotearoa NZ has been set up by a collaboration of leading organisations within the organic sector that are at the forefront of organics.

Worldwide, organic is on the rise and this is no different in New Zealand. The nation is becoming more consciously aware of what we put into and onto our bodies. For one week every year, the collective aim is to bind together the sector for a week-long campaign that will celebrate, educate and help kiwis really understand what organic is and what is available across the nation.

You can learn more about Organic Week NZ here.

Below are our top picks in the Organic category.

Have you seen the new range of oob organic vegetables? They are certified organic, premium quality, delicious;

  • sweetcorn
  • loose leaf spinach
  • green beans
  • broccoli
  • potato wedges
  • garden peas

oob organic is New Zealand's leading supplier of certified organic frozen food. They believe that premium quality, certified organic food should be made accessible for everyone.

oob, (rhymes with cube) have a range of frozen food from vegetables to frozen fruit, ice cream, sorbet, dairy-free desserts and ice blocks. You can view the full range in the brand's look book here.

oob organic has an orchard and creamery in Omaha, NZ and by partnering with growers from around the world who share the same love of certified organic food, they ensure availability of 100% certified organic frozen food in all seasons.

Check out more information here.

Or connect with the team here.

HARMONY stands for what’s good: sustainably farmed, restaurant-quality meat. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our meat goes from paddock to plate with absolute care at every stage. How an animal lives adds to the quality and flavour of the meat than any other aspect of the process, and the process is meticulous.

HARMONY’s Organic range is sourced from a select group of farms. They are chosen because they meet every criterion of sustainable farming and recognised animal welfare.

The brand's pledge has always been to offer meat from Certified Organic farms. It has full traceability from farm to cutting, to guarantee the cuts are certified organic. The organic farmers are not only farming to be organic but to be sustainable and caring to the environment.

Its animals are grass-fed. No cages, no pens, only open paddocks.

HARMONY Organic Beef is sourced from organic farms across New Zealand. This premium quality meat is certified by ASUREQUALITY, ensuring organic authenticity.

HARMONY’s Organic Sirloin Steak is cut from the short loin and has a fine grain with an exterior of fat along one side.

For more information, call 09 309 1081, or email

Karma Drinks are proud to say that all of the drinks in the range are BioGro Certified Organic.
When something’s organic, it’s been grown avoiding the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides and growth regulators. That means no nasties in its range of drinks, or in you after you drink them.
Organic farming methods work towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production — which is kind of what they are all about.
All the ingredients the brand uses, from its raw cane sugar to its Sicilian lemons are organic, and even the stevia in its Switchel range is organically sourced.
"We believe that you should treat the planet like it’s your own backyard, which means choosing ingredients that have been grown with care. All ingredients found in Karma Drinks are organic or organically sourced, so you know you're making the best choice with your bucks."
On top of all the added benefits of consuming the organic ingredients in our drinks, you can also feel good knowing that money from every drink in the range sold goes back to Sierra Leone so that with your help the brand is able to do more good in the world.
Thanks for the ongoing support.
For more information please contact Bri - 0210728216.