Happy Meal for Seniors

happy meals for seniors

Last month McDonald’s Sweden launched an adult take on the iconic Happy Meal but with a special family angle.

With social isolation for the elderly already an issue in Sweden, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the fast-food chain thought that the launch of Happy Meal Senior with a message from the grand-kids rather than a toy would be one way to ease the isolation that social distancing is causing.

The 65+ population are among the most vulnerable to Coronavirus and around the world have become very isolated as they go into lock-down to avoid possible infection.

For decades grandparents have been the ones to take the grand-kids to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. Today in Sweden this role reversal twist means that the grand-kids go into McDonald’s specially equipped drawing cubby to draw a picture for their grandparents. The Happy Meal Senior requires kids to buy their grandparents their favourite McDonald's meal for home delivery and the staff pack the drawing into the Happy Meal box.

The video below demonstrates how it works, with kids invited into a drawing cubby, where they can sanitise their hands before creating their artwork. They then hand over the finished drawing to a staff member behind the counter to pack away for This initiative was dreamed up by marketing agency Nord DDB, who has run a number of family-focused campaigns for the brand.

Sofie Lager, senior marketing manager at McDonald's Sweden, said, “We wanted to let the kids surprise their grandparents with what they love most, along with a surprise that we know the grandparents will really appreciate.”

"We hope this initiative has made the lives of grandparents a little more enjoyable."