NZACA Trade Exhibition: Helping the Whole Family Stay in Touch

Kitcal is a specially designed tablet that helps the senior generation stay socially connected to their whānau and friends.  Kitcal gives back direct personal communication to seniors living in care and reduces social isolation for those still living independently.

Essential elements have been incorporated such as messages, photos, videos and its easy to request voice and video calls, all while keeping the tablet simple and easy to use.

A handy check-in feature gives peace of mind and Kitcal tablets also come with a calendar that can be remote-managed by family. The tablet connects with family members via a free Companion app.

"The key is Kitcal's simplicity," said founder Julie Caldwell.

"We worked with experts to ensure we were using the right fonts, colours and symbols for senior family members".

Kitcal has a large screen so it's easy to read and replies use pre-set emojis instead of a keyboard.

"We specifically wanted to make Kitcal ready to use straight out of the box," said Caldwell.

"The monthly subscription comes with 2GB or 5GB of data and a pre-installed SIM card, so there's no need to set up a Wi-Fi account or modem."

Designed and developed in New Zealand, Kitcal is suitable for seniors unable to use a mobile phone, iPad or other traditional tablet.

Complete with timber stands and handy magnetic charging connections, Kitcal has answered all of the needs of senior users, putting loved ones' minds at rest.

Kitcal demo video

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